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All prices displayed on our website are in USD. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Airlines and other travel suppliers may change their prices without notice. If a price increase occurs after you have made a reservation that affects your travel package, we will notify you of the price increase before taking any further steps. All reservations are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Airfare quoted to you does not include airline baggage fees. In some cases if you Choose to book a flight in First/ Business Class, you may find the search results in both or only in First/ Business Class as being provided by airlines/suppliers (as some airlines/suppliers only offer Business Class and not first class). Please read the booking itinerary carefully before you make a reservation. does not possess / accept any responsibility of customer choosing any class of service and booking a different class of service. It becomes the entire responsibility of the customer to check the flights beforehand and then confirm the reservation. None of the bookings and fares will be guaranteed until the supplier issues the tickets/package.

I understand that the fares are subject to availability of seats and are not guranteed until paid in full.


In some circumstances, you will receive a confirmation e-mail before a ticket has been issued. The booking process is not complete until you have received a ticket number in another email. In most of the circumstances you will receive ETKT confirmation within 24-48 hours and 72 hours for flights to international destinations. All bookings and packages are not guaranteed until ticketed/confirmed by the supplier. At times, even after the confirmation of a reservation/package, the fare may change as revised by the supplier. You will be notified by us via phone call or email in case of any change to the fares or availability. Please note that the fares and availability are dynamic, and it depends on various market factors. You have the right to cancel the booking at no cost if there is a fare increase before ticketing and prior to your card being charged; you will not be charged any fees for cancelation in such a case within 24 hours of booking the reservation. All Airlines and packages have differing rules and policies regarding schedule changes, which are beyond our control. We make every attempt to notify the customer of any schedule changes. It is always best to contact the airline to reconfirm you flights before 72 hours of departure.

What is 3D Secure?

This service ensures that the payment authentication in which the cardholder, the merchant, and the bank are verified securely. This service offers you an extra level of protection against credit card fraud when purchasing on a site that provides 3-D secure payments.3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to secure CNP (Cardholder Not Present) transactions further online. MasterCard brand their system as 'MasterCard Secure Code' and Visa call theirs 'Verified by Visa.' your card will be protected against unauthorized use when shopping online. The process is straightforward: during the payment stage, after entering your credit card details, a window will open and will request a personal authenticated identifier (PIN) from you as previously agreed between you and your bank (if your bank is offering this service). Alternatively, the system will prompt you to register for the PIN online to complete payment. Details required to activate your card 1. Card number 2.Card verification value, the last three digits on the signature panel on the back of your card 3. Expiry date 4. Full name as it appears on the card 5. Email address 6. Telephone phone number and billing address You will be notified within 72 hours if your credit card gets declined. Merely submitting the details of the credit card does not automatically guarantee ticketing. If your credit card is declined at the time of processing your transaction, all efforts will be made by us to notify you by email within 72 hours. In case your credit card is declined, your transaction will not be processed. It is the responsibility of the card holder to check with their respective banks if the payment has debited or not. The booking and fare details are not guaranteed. You have the right to cancel your booking at no cost in case of a fare change within 24 hours. You will not be charged any service fees for this.

Baggage Policy & Fees

Airfare quoted to you does not include airline baggage fees. If you have excess baggage, you will have to pay any excess baggage fee assessed by each airline. Most airlines now charge baggage fees even for the first Check in baggage; we recommend traveling light to reduce these costs. To find the baggage fees for each airline, please contact Airline for their Baggage policy. Baggage fees range from $15 up to $200 or more depending on the size and weight of the bag and is per checked bag. These fees are to be paid directly to airline upon using such service.

Travel documents requirements/Health Requirements

Prior to booking your trip, you should ensure that you meet the passport, visa, affidavit, health and other requirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit (even if it is for a plane change). USA/Canadian citizens are required to present a current valid passport for entry or transit through most countries; otherwise, entry or transit may be denied. We remind you that living standards and practices at your travel destination and the conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in USA/Canada. At all times throughout your trip a government-issued photo ID is required for security checks at airports, hotels and car rental locations and may be required for attractions and other products as deemed necessary by the relevant Travel Suppliers. In addition to the required government-issued ID as stated above, proof of citizenship (Passport) is required for international travel (for most countries outside of the United States). Many countries require that your passport should be valid for a minimum period from the date of arrival into that country. Also please note that many countries require that your passport be valid for a period of (a minimum) six months beyond your return date (please see chart below for easy reference). Obtaining passports and visas may require lengthy processing times and entry to another country may be refused even if your required information and travel documents are complete. We accept no responsibility if you should be denied boarding or deported for any reason including your age. The customers should ensure that they have all the necessary documents related to travel. If you require a visa (transit visa/entry visa) for the country, you are visiting. Any information regarding the necessary travel documents can be found with the consulate/embassy of the country(s) you are visiting or transiting through. will not be responsible if you are denied entry or transit in a country due to lack of documents. It is the responsibility of the passengers to call the airline or the travel agency, 72 hours before the flight departure date to confirm if the booking is good to go. Your transaction with does not guarantee entrance to the country of destination. Traveler understands that accepts no responsibility for determining passenger's eligibility to enter or transit through any specific country. Information, if any, given by's employees must be verified with government authorities. Such information does not imply responsibility on's behalf. We strongly recommend all the passengers to reach at least 3 hours before the flight departure timings for any international reservations and at least 2 hours before in case of domestic reservations.

Entry Requirements for United States

The department of Homeland Security of the United States of America has introduced new laws effective January 23, 2007 governing the entry requirements to the United States by air. These new laws include mandatory passports for all travelers including Canadian and American citizens. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months past your desired return date to ensure that there are not any delays regarding US Immigration.